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1.- Discovery
2.- Hiram Bingham
3.- Giesecke
4.- In fact, It was not vitcos
5.- Government Expeditions
6.- Cultural Pillaging

Albert Giesecke, a compatriot of his and rector of the local University told him that in January 1911 he had taken a trip towards the Convencion Valley invited by the rich landlord Mr. Braulio Polo y la Borda, who told Bingham that on the hills facing Mandor there were ancient constructions covered by vegetation where cattle were frequently lost. Moreover, Giesecke had spoken to Melchor Arteaga, a half-breed man who rented farmlands in the area and had seen the Inkan buildings and who had promised to take him to the ruins during the dry season. The information was reserved for Bingham, and on July 23, 1911 he showed up in Mandor along with a policeman, Sergeant Carrasco, who escorted him by order of the Peruvian government, and two members of his expedition. Over there they met Melchor Arteaga who would be the guide in order to get to the Inkan City. Early the next day it was cold and showering, and Arteaga did not like the idea of going up the ruins, his attitude changed positively when Bingham offered to pay him one silver “sol”, after examining the field they decided to climb up by the sector where nowadays is the zigzagging road. After the exhausting climb, at noon they arrived at another hut where they found Anacleto Alvarez and Toribio Recharte, two humble peasants who along with their families lived in the area about four years and cultivated the pre-Hispanic farming terraces. After a short break, they provided an eight year old boy as the guide for Bingham and his military escort in order to get the Inkan buildings that were partially covered with entangled vegetation. That was how Bingham, at 35 years old, stumbled onto Machupicchu; a fortuitous happening that made manifest a great "discovery". That day, the time he spent exploring, taking pictures, drawing and describing Machupicchu was about four hours. Later he continued with his journey arriving even as far as Rosaspata, Ñust'a Hisp'ana, Pampaconas and Espiritu Pampa; places that apparently did not attract the explorer so much.

machupicchu travel tours tourist information






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