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The constructions in Machu Picchu have rectangular floor spaces. Many of the enclosures, called masmas, have only three walls, which at one time were all thatched with tree trunks and ichu (straw).

Doors and windows are encased in trapezoid shapes as are the niches in the walls where idols and other objects were placed; a typical feature of Inca architecture.

Each wall in Machu Picchu is different; even those that share the same enclosure have different styles. The best finished wall is the main wall of the Templo Principal (Main Temple), where the cut and polished stones are flawlessly fitted together.

Worthy of attention too are the Intihuatana, a sundial made out of polished stone; the Torreón (Watchtower), a building with curved walls, and the Templo de las Tres Ventanas (Temple of the Three Windows).




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