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1.- Discovery
2.- Hiram Bingham
3.- Giesecke
4.- In fact, It was not vitcos
5.- Government Expeditions
6.- Cultural Pillaging

Machu Picchu was built by Pachacuti the Sapa Inca or the ruler of all the Incas. When Pachacuti named himself Sapa Inca he drank out of the skull of a defeated Chanca leader. Pachacuti conquered an area of Peru and six other countries. As the civilization grew it was harder for information to travel. To solve this problem the Incas built a 15,000 mile road called the Inca trail. Men called Chaskis were fast runners, they delivered messages to other members of the tribe. A Chaskis could run 250 miles in a day when running at full speed.

The Sapa Inca's palaces were built around a court yard. Women called Sun Virgins would stand by one side of the palace walls. The Sun Virgins were taught about the Inca beliefs, the Sun virgins would then go to many festivals in Cuzco and the Sapa Inca would decide their future.


machupicchu travel tours tourist information

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