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1.- Discovery
2.- Hiram Bingham
3.- Giesecke
4.- In fact, It was not vitcos
5.- Government Expeditions
6.- Cultural Pillaging

The Inca's had a mathematical way of collecting taxes. They used a Khipus. A Khipus is twin threads tied to another longer piece of twin. Knots were tied in the twin to resemble different things. The Sapa Inca could tell how many worriers he had or how well the crop was doing or how much livestock was in the Incas hands. The Kuraka or the local leader decided if each household was meeting the demands of the Inca tax collector. If the household couldn't meet the demands they had to work for the Sapa Inca. Some of the jobs were farming, settling new territory, and weavers. The Sapa Inca governed all of the Inca's. Once a tribe was conquer by the Incas they had to pay taxes to the Sapa Inca, worship the Inca religion, and working for the Sapa Inca.


machupicchu travel tours tourist information






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